Thursday, July 14, 2005

Yup, another blog.

Well since my aspyre blog is outdated and I can't seem to login, and my livejournal account was deleted, I have created a temporary blog until I can see if I can get my old domain back.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Bill. People may call me Ball. My friends call me Billy. I live in Maple Ridge, a small suburb of Vancouver, BC.

No, I do not live an Igloo.
Yes, I am straight.
No, I will not send you naked pictures of me.
Yes, I am a geek.

So, I have decided to keep you entertained somewhat. There is a cool website, I found it to be addicting, and some of the responses to be quite humorous.

I roll in an 85 Jetta GL. It's a five speed, and pulls quite nicely. My expenses are listed below. These are more for me to keep track of, then for you to enjoy.

The expenses are listed below:
Purchase of the car: 1400$ with tax
Brake job (Never goto midas, I got ripped off) 650$
Stereo (A must have): 230$
JBL 4" Speakers: 120$
Clutch Cable: 75$
2 New Mufflers: 350$


Blogger D.A. said...


2:28 PM

Blogger D.A. said...

nice spendings on your car. and yes, you do live in a igloo

2:29 PM

Blogger D.A. said...

way to make websites during your work time

2:30 PM

Blogger Billy said...

LOL Thanks bud.

10:08 AM


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